Stunned with the presence, looking ahead…

This will not be a regular post, because most of the time following my last entry I tried by best to stay away from my laptop and phone, the latter acquiring a new habit of ringing every other minute informing me about likes, shares, comments and incoming emails following my latest publication.

I am very much grateful for all the attention on the topic and for all your messages and emails. I am more than honoured that this small article made so many of you laugh, exchange ideas and simply connected us in so many countries. The only countries that hadn’t lit up on my tracking map were perhaps four or five countries in central Africa, one in South America and North Korea, but I am guessing that is because the Koreans cannot access the internet.

I have had friends of friends emailing me this article without knowing that it originated on my laptop in-between the brain-storm and not the easiest day. I cracked up every time I wrote another point, knowing that it’s all the generalisations we make on daily basis that either bring people together or pull them apart. They brought us together.

I have lost count how many of you visited me and browsed through my page. I have lost count how many people shared this article with others. I have also lost count how many of you are following me, but I remember every single comment you left and I interacted with it. I think the most beautiful thing to see in this world is people expressing their opinions, not necessarily always flattering, but certainly unifying.

I am therefore sharing with you the interview that followed immediately after the article was published and gained a world-wide recognition mostly among anyone who has any connection with Israel. You have no idea how amazing it is to see it.,7340,L-4690330,00.html

Despite the fact that I am currently studying at the midrasha I am also meeting Taglit groups from around the world. It’s an enormous privilege to be that link between them and their future experience in this land. Last week I met my first Taglit from Poland. I have never seen a group before that drank every word that came from my mouth and signed up for the MASA unanimously. As a group. Every single person. I hope they will have more than 30 reasons why they cannot leave Israel.

Lots of love.



7 thoughts on “Stunned with the presence, looking ahead…

  1. Hi I have just read about u in the woman’s Israeli magazine found u to be most interesting I didn’t quite understand the two names ester and nedida is ester your Israeli name and nedida your wordpress name I really really enjoy reading your stuff love your style of writing.i landed in Israel years ago from England Manchester I claim Israel to be my first real home I love it also besotted with the Hebrew language as a whole languages are one of my favorite subjects but Hebrew after all is a holy language and no I’m not religious but I have enough common sense to know where the truth lies as far as Judaism g-d creation whatever.l also love arts and crafts make windchimes with shells and beads I could make u one if u like so in the meantime happy writing that means happy reading for your followers Yvonne


    1. Thank you for your comment Yvonne.
      Just to clarify the question – Esther is my name, Nedida is the name of the blog, which non-coincidentally is also my nickname; both were born at the same time.
      As to arts and crafts, I do like knitting and crocheting and even more I would love a windchime! That would be probably the most thoughtful and non-commercial gift I have ever received.
      Thank you for writing to me and putting a smile on my face. I hope you continue enjoying reading “me”.
      You are more than welcome to contact me on my email address (
      Shabbat shalom and chag sameach!


      1. Hi nedida happy to know you’d like a windchimes do u like blues and greens turquoise the potential colour of the beads if they suit you ? 🌟✨🎼🎶🌟Yvonne

        נשלח מה-iPad שלי

        Liked by 1 person

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