It’s a commandment to be happy on Sukkot: The day after the attack on the Henkin family and the UN silence

It always puzzles me why Netanyahu spends countless hours of talking, convincing, pleading and visualising the situation of Israelis in Israel to the outside world. The general feeling was today increasingly intensified following the watching of his speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday. Each time we hear him open his mouth (and he is a great orator), he strives to make the world understand that the history repeats itself both through and to the people who refuse to learn from it, accept it and, consequently, change it. There has been a countless number of times when he stormed into meetings and conferences saying that Israel is in danger; that it’s surrounded by the enemy countries; that the Iran Deal is the worst possible option for Israel, unless, of course, someone can come up with something more detrimental. Knowing the ingenuity of the world leaders, this, G-d forbid, can happen at any time. Quoting Netanyahu, “Iranian leaders promised to destroy my country, my people (…) the response from this body, from nearly every government representative here, has been absolutely nothing, an utter silence, a defining silence”.

I find it very difficult today to find words that will neither scream nor accuse. In majority, a great majority, the world simply doesn’t care about what is happening here. I am arguing in my own mind that, well, they didn’t care about Rwanda, they didn’t care about the Holocaust or the general genocide during the Second World War, they didn’t care about Pol Pot murdering one-third of the Cambodian population… so why would they care about us? The only answer, the reasonable answer is that they do care, but only as much as our activity in the Middle East affects the oil prices. Why do they want the Iran deal? My personal opinion is that its purpose is only to temporarily quieten the region, not to help us. When an Israeli, forgive me, farts towards any Arab the world goes crazy that the Arabs are persecuted and we are the oppressors. Yet it is fine and acceptable for Arabs to harass the Jews as they celebrate this week.

No-one, and I mean no-one, mentions or even “farts” any information about what happened yesterday. Is it really up to us? The regular people, who are frustrated with the situation to the point that they wish they could stand in that General Assembly and personally slap everyone present on their faces? Invent the “wake the F up” serum to make them see what is happening beyond their bloody stock market?

Or instead of inventing the serum, why do we even care what the world thinks? Shouldn’t the Israeli lives be our priority here? Because if the world really doesn’t care about us, then why won’t it just leave us alone? You see, this is the problem. The world won’t leave us alone.

Do you want to know what happened last night then? It’s coming from the regular person. An “everyman” here, because Fox News, CNN or BBC have a very selective focus on events in Israel.

Last night a family was shot in their car on their way home in an unprovoked incident. I am reconsidering the use of the word “incident” because it implies that these things happen sporadically. They don’t. Over any Jewish holiday an increased number of attacks occur. (In contrast, during the Operation Protective Edge, the world yelled at Israel for not “giving the Palestinians a break” during the Ramadan, because it must have been hard for them to be at war when they fasted.) In this particular “incident”, for the lack of a better word, Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were murdered in their car leaving their children orphaned; four of their children that were with them at the time, eldest being 9 years old, survived the attack with minor injuries and have been hospitalised mostly for trauma of seeing their parents being shot and then subsequently losing them.

Eitam and Na'ama Henkin were shot in the attack in Samaria (West Bank)
Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were shot in the attack in Samaria (West Bank)

The attack was praised:

palestinian response

What exactly is heroic in shooting a family? It’s like going out to a bar and ending up being shot on the head by one of the security guards. Is this heroic and worthy of praise? See, the world mass media doesn’t report what is happening to Israelis in Israel, but the underground terrorist media spreads the information about these “heroic” actions to encourage more violence, not only in Israel. You may be silent now, but if you do not stand with us against terrorism, the same will come to you. Who will help you then?

It’s Sukkot. It’s a commandment to be happy on Sukkot… how?


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