If Israel was any less Israeli…

If Israel was any less Israeli and rather what the Western countries expect it to be, today would be probably an international day dedicated to sympathy rallies and public international mourning ceremonies complete with Israeli flags on all continents, long TV-speeches delivered by all key foreign politicians, public declarations of support, condolences for the families and a fervent display of fiery anger directed at the terrorists. All Facebook profile pictures would feature an Israeli water-mark and anti-terrorist foundations would start raising money in order to help the Israelis deal with Palestinian Arab terrorists. The media would report the actual events giving all possible details, interviewing the Israelis, investigating the crime scenes and calling all international agencies to action to stop the slaughter of innocent Israelis.

All these wonderful displays of support would go on for at least a few weeks and all foreign ministers would get on their jets and fly in to Israel to pat Netanyahu on his back and comfort the families of the victims. They would also force the extra air-time by visiting local Israeli schools and read fairy-tales to Israeli children.

Indeed, today would be the day to do that sort of a thing. That is, if Israel was any less Israeli, of course.

It took three hours on the widely-celebrated International Women’s Day for three attacks to be carried out by Arab terrorists, who generally insist on being called Palestinian: one in Petach Tikvah, one in Jerusalem and one in Jaffo near Tel Aviv. Correspondingly, one person was injured in a stabbing attack, two were shot on the head thus are critically injured and one was killed, nine were injured with four of them being critically wounded in the latter stabbing attack.

You would be mistaken, if you were to think that we are waiting for the endless expressions of the Western support. We are not holding our breath to see your jets flying in and we are not waiting for the “day of mourning” for Israelis. The Western world would sooner mourn the terrorists rather than us. Rather, we silently mourn the lost, pray for the wounded and praise both the IDF security forces and the civilian who, after being stabbed on the neck, pulled out the knife and killed the terrorist. We are not even terribly offended anymore by what the non-Israeli media reports, though today they are doing quite well apart from the Australian News and the more local Al Jazeera. In the case of the latter we don’t even hold grudges; they don’t know any better.

If Israel was any less Israeli we would stay at homes tomorrow, the roads would be empty and the shops would be closed. If Israel was any less Israeli we would be afraid. But because Israel is very much Israeli, tomorrow the schools will organise bike trips to the areas that today witnessed the attacks, everyone will show up for work, the roads will be packed, shops will not only be open, but everyone will be buying things in order to support the economy, people will spontaneously dance on the streets to the music blasting from privately–delivered speakers and we will simply get on with our lives.

If Israel was any less Israeli, its spirit would be crushed and it would cease to exist.

Credits: Adam Geras-Klein Photography


2 thoughts on “If Israel was any less Israeli…

  1. Excellent. The problem is too many people have had antisemitism As a religion .I can not begin to understand what makes anyone show empathy or justify violent terror attacks but like Nietsche saud;whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger.it is so true of Israel.


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