Holocaust Remembrance: We are losing the battle with ignorance

Probably “f*ck you mothef*cker” isn’t the choice of words one would expect to hear on Yom HaShoa in the middle of Jerusalem.

As the businesses closed early yesterday in order to allow Israelis to participate in the Day of Holocaust Remembrance, the city was unusually quiet as for a regular Wednesday evening. I sat alone in the class not unusually minding my own business, when suddenly I heard a bunch of cheerful voices singing from within the seminary.

Within seconds a male voice was heard from the street outside the building, urging the women in to stop singing on Yom HaShoa. He concluded his outburst calling them “animals” and said that there is nothing to be cheerful about that night. Seeing that his outburst in Hebrew brought little to no reaction, we switched to English and repeated himself:

– Please, stop singing! It’s Yom HaShoa. It’s the day of remembrance!

Let me say, so that things are clear, that I wholeheartedly support the man. Someone may disagree, because, after all, Yom HaShoa isn’t Yom Kippur. Yet those that perished should be remembered, while those that survived the flames of the gas chambers to tell the story of Nazi atrocities should be respected and, if singing is considered to be a disrespectful act, one should simply and politely shut their mouth. To my surprise, not everyone shared similar sentiments.

– You won’t f*cking tell me what I can or can’t do! Motherf*cker! – yelled a female voice from above.

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3 thoughts on “Holocaust Remembrance: We are losing the battle with ignorance

  1. Esther, please go to my FB wall and read what a friend of mine (he has all the wrong ideas about Muslims even though he is not Muslim and British and a very good person, he is an idealist that seems unable to see reality and sides with the Palestinians because he honestly believes they are the ones being wronged by Israel) he posted this video of a woman that obviously is a good woman and simply has been convinced that it is Israel that is the evil entity in this melodrama

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