How sex-offenders got their Trump card

I dislike politics enough to keep myself away from getting involved with it. This is especially the case with American elections. This year looks like the stand-up comedies won’t be missed, because the American citizens feel greatly entertained by the new team of comedians  – Trump and Clinton. Personally, I think that neither should take over the steering wheel, but, my opinion doesn’t matter since I’m not American, so you people are free to choose whoever you want. Nevertheless, I have a particular problem with accepting Trump’s position on the treatment of women. Ever more so, I have a problem with the fact that his statement has been legitimised by those who defended him.

I am not an overly sensitive type, but I cringe every time someone attempts to rationalise his boasting about sexual harassment. As if, ladies and gentleman, it was utterly normal for another person to violate your body. Because why wouldn’t she want to be grabbed by her genitals without giving consent? According to that logic we, women, should be grateful that someone graced us with their appendage, because otherwise we would feel both unloved and unwanted. Appendage for all!

Like that time when a complete stranger slid his hand between my legs at Oxford Circus during the New Year’ s Eve, because he thought that this was allowed. As he was being cuffed and escorted by the police he mulled over the possibility that, just perhaps, sexual harassment is not an acceptable behaviour.

Or that time when our neighbour attempted to sexually molest me when I was 4 years old.

Or that time when someone unceremoniously grabbed my leg under the table at the dinner party, because he figured that this was probably what I wanted from a complete stranger.

Or that time when a flatmate came into my room when I was asleep and tried to force himself on me. By the way, that was the last time I didn’t know how to defend myself. I took up krav maga swearing to myself that I will break the back of the next person who touches me the wrong way.

By defending Trump you are defending all the above and more. And this is just plain wrong.


2 thoughts on “How sex-offenders got their Trump card

  1. As always, you are fantastic and I am truly sorry you have been sexually attacked by those to whose gender I belong. I myself actually and really believe that all sexsual offenders should be castrated. This does not kill them but takes away their desire and ability to rape. I am aware this is not a perfect solution but fixing their mental imbalance is either impossible or very hard to achieve. They are mentally imbalanced and I don’t believe Psychotherapy really would work or it would take too long and cost too much while a simple surgery would take care of most of those with sexual mind problems. Love to read your posts as always. G-d Bless

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