Newsletter: January 2017

Dear Readers,

We have finished revamping the website making it more user-friendly and certainly more organised! So, sadly, no more mess.

You can now search through articles according to categories or simply use the search bar if you know the title of the article you’re looking for. We are continuously updating the website, so stay tuned for any new changes. Our team is growing and we are very blessed with new ideas and opportunities presented.

Guide to the Convert

We are about to publish the last(!) article in the Guide to the Convert series. That makes us very sad, but it will give us time for new projects and even more daring undertakings. Also, we need to marry off Elisheva before we can harvest the fruit of her mind again.

Upcoming writing projects

We have been corresponding with other writers, who are also passionate about joint projects. We will keep you posted about future publications.

If you are a writer and would like to collaborate, please contact us to discuss it further.

JFriends Israel

We have also partnered up with the UK-based organisation JFriends. We feel very strongly about bringing young professionals together through events and activities, Shabbat meals, TED talks etc, thus giving them a platform to form both business and social contacts. The next event will be happening on 17th February in Jerusalem.

If you would like to give a TED talk, suggest seminars or other events, please contact JFriends (Israel branch) directly through their website.

That’s all for now.

Have a great week!

Nedida Project


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