Newsletter: March 2017

Dear Readers,

March is almost over, which means one thing – spring is coming! The month of April is around the corner providing us with countless opportunities to de-hibernate and get involved in all the activities that we planned to get do when we sat in our homes, tucked in and over a mug of a hot beverage. Remember saying: when the winter is over I will…?  Now, the time has come!

This month has again been terribly busy so I have only managed to upload one article, leaving the rest for review later. Given the nature of my job which involves dealing with people’s ink 2histories I decided to write some articles based on their stories in order to give the reader an idea as to what kind of a life Jews had in Europe during the interwar period and their quest for reaching Israel. Following that concept From Poland with Love: The Case of Leib came to life. It’s actually based on almost a dozen of different letters which were hand-written in Polish, during the British Mandate and which were exchanged between two lovers; a true long-distance relationship, and their struggle to unite again in Israel along with their families before what seemed to be an imminent war. The names, places and dates have of course been changed to protect their families’ identities.

Jerusalem Marathon 17352416_1278612068892438_3923487707697802063_n

Thanks to your generosity Shalva Children’s Centre in Jerusalem exceeded their goal… and I ended up running  a half marathon instead of a 10k due to a mistake. Well, I am proud to announce that I managed it and most probably will run again next year!

JFriends Israel

We are partnering up again (!) with JFriends Israel and will be hosting another Shabbat Friday night dinner in the heart of Jerusalem at the end of May. We will keep you posted about the exact date and more details. Have an absolutely great weekend and I wish you all the best for the upcoming month! Have a happy and kosher Pesach!

Stay warm!

Nedida Project


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