Newsletter: April 2017

Dear Readers,

It’s been a pleasure working with you. This month a series of celebrations took place including birthdays of all sort and kind. What does one think when another year has been added to their lives? One thought actually – absolutely no regrets.

We think often that we may have deviated from our target by taking a longer route. I politely disagree. When you’re driving and there is an obstacle on the road, your Waze doesn’t just abort the mission altogether insisting that you should give up. It re-routes and recalculates estimating how long the journey is going to take now. One thing positive against the added time and the need for more patience is thus; you learn more about yourself and you acquire skills without which you wouldn’t be able to continue the journey ahead of you.

This month’s digest

This month we had a Holocaust Remembrance Day and so we published an article titled Stasio, a true, though changed story of a boy who had to grow up too fast.

Upcoming material

Now that Elisheva is finally coming back we look forward to even more exciting content. She’s been working very hard and is due to publish a new series so stay tuned!

Thank you for all your interaction and feedback!

Catch up soon!

Nedida Project


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