We are all woosies in love

This is an interesting phenomenon to observe especially around the Valentine’s day. Those that shout the loudest are those who are most scared, hurt and too proud to make a relationship work.

I’m not judging anyone at all, however regardless how funny some comments on social media are, it still troubles me how they reflect a genuine fear of commitment and entrusting our hearts into someone else’s hands. Posts like “99% of my socks are single and I don’t see them crying about it” or “I don’t need a valentine, I need 8 million dollars”, or “I want Valentino, not a Valentine”, or just general decadent comments such as: “why date or marry anyway? There is so much divorce and so much disappointment these days. It’s much safer to remain single”.

I’m not claiming to have an exceptional insight into relationships, but I think we hear too much of “why bother” and “I don’t care” rather than “I want to make it work”. Somehow words like “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, “I miss you” are too difficult to pronounce, because we would have to swallow our pride. And we wouldn’t want that, would we? Words such as “screw you” or “I don’t think I am what you’re looking for” (meaning: “I am conveniently shifting the blame”) are much closer to our hearts. We exchange human interaction for telephone messaging, Facebook, email. We email people how we feel… What is happening ? Perhaps this is the relationships we want; impersonal, based on social media, away from touch, talk, smell… Arguing. Isn’t that what happens in every healthy home?

We are so petrified of divorce statistics that we choose to hijack every relationship before it becomes serious; the moment someone wants tangibles, we run. It’s sick and twisted, but above all it’s very sad.

Some of us celebrated the Valentine’s day. Valentine was executed as a rebel because he helped couples who weren’t allowed to marry, marry. People appreciated this wonderful gift of exclusivity, common future and becoming one regardless the adversities. Now the only thing we are one with is a computer and a television screen. We watch weepy movies about love and happy endings, but we are unwilling to take the risk in reality.

And this is what makes us cowards.


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